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Our Services

At Distinct Funerals, we hold the conviction that every funeral service should echo the distinct wishes and needs of the individual, be they cultural, spiritual, or deeply personal.

We understand how challenging decision-making can be in the wake of a loved one's passing.

This is precisely why we stand ready to support and guide you at every stage, ensuring our comprehensive funeral services align with your financial considerations and faithfully honour your loved one's desires.

To assist you in navigating your options with clarity, below is an overview of the services most frequently requested by families.



Burial options include interment in a family plot or the purchase of a new plot. According to New Zealand law, all burials must take place in a designated cemetery or urupa.


If needed, we can assist with purchasing a new plot.



Cremation provides additional options for final disposition of remains, including scattering, burial, retention, or division among family members.


When choosing cremation, it's important to consider what you would like to do with the ashes, as it can be challenging for loved ones to make this decision after the fact.


Currently, cremation is the most popular choice for New Zealanders.


Embalming is the process of preserving human remains through the use of preservative products.


At Distinct Funerals, the embalming procedures are performed by our qualified and experienced embalmers in a modern facility. We take great care to treat each person with respect and dignity.

Embalming has three objectives: sanitization, preservation, and presentation. It is not mandatory unless the period between death and the burial or cremation is longer than three days and refrigeration is not available. In such cases, we recommend embalming.


It is also required in other instances, such as: when the family wants to spend more than three days with their loved one at home or at a marae, after a post-mortem examination, to improve the appearance for viewing, or when the body needs to be repatriated.


Natural Care

Consider natural care if you prefer to keep your loved one at home for a brief period or have them cared for by the funeral home.


This technique involves cooling the body with special ice packs or in a cool facility and is a non-invasive option. It may also be ideal for direct cremation services.


Regardless of whether you choose embalming or natural care, our team at Distinct will clean, dress, and carefully place your loved one in the casket.


We encourage families to actively participate in washing and dressing the deceased, as this small act can have a positive impact on the grieving process.



Whether you prefer a religious or non-religious setting, we offer a range of options, including church services, independent chapels, sports clubs, outdoor locations, homes, cemetery (graveside) services, and crematorium chapels.

With a variety of options available in Invercargill, Distinct Funeral Service can help you plan a funeral that suits your unique requirements, whether it be a small, intimate gathering or a larger celebration of life.


Clergy or Celebrant

Choose Distinct Funeral Service to find the right leader for your funeral service.


Whether it be a member of the clergy, a celebrant, or a close friend or family member, we'll help make sure the service reflects your loved one's life and values.


To create an effective eulogy for your loved one's funeral, it may be helpful to consider the following steps:

  • Gather information about the deceased, including their date and place of birth, nickname, family members, childhood, education, achievements, interests, relationships, children, and personal preferences.

  • Organize the information chronologically, from their birth to their death.

  • Highlight their unique qualities, morals, ideas, and sense of humor through special stories and anecdotes.

  • Consider adding special readings, music, poetry, and hymns that reflect their personality and interests.

Our team at Distinct Funeral Service is available to provide guidance and support throughout the writing process.

Whether you or a family member or friend are chosen as the funeral's MC, we hope these tips can help you create a memorable and fitting tribute to your loved one.



At Distinct Funeral Services, we believe that every individual is unique and their funeral should reflect that.


Our goal is to provide a high level of personalization to celebrate the life of your loved one in the best possible way.

We offer a range of products that can be customized to make the tribute more unique and special.


You can select a theme that best represents the interests and passions of your loved one, such as hunting, fishing, gardening, sports, etc., and we will incorporate it into all funeral products.

From caskets to scatter tubes, service sheets to memorial books, bookmarks to reserved seat signs, video presentations and streaming, nearly every aspect of the funeral can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


Our team is always available to offer advice and support during the process.


Monumental Masonry

At Distinct Funerals, transparency, reliability, and delivering the best funeral service in Invercargill are at the heart of our values.


We believe in forging strong partnerships with companies that share these values.


For this reason, we highly recommend MAIDEN STONE for your loved one's gravestone and monumental needs.

Picture Caskets


Distinct is proud to offer direct access to the finest Picture Caskets available in New Zealand.


These unique caskets provide a beautiful way to remember your loved one, and they can be fully personalized to suit your needs.


To learn more, visit


Family notice

A death notice in a newspaper can serve as a convenient way to inform friends and loved ones about the passing of a person.

Distinct Funerals can assist your family in placing a notice in any New Zealand newspaper, either in print or digital format.

In addition, our funeral service provides families with access to our obituary section to publish a family notice.

Customised Service

Distinct Funerals customize their services to fit your loved one's needs and budget. If your desired option isn't listed, their team will work to bring it to fruition.


Reach out to them to discuss your service options and receive support during this difficult time.

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