We believe that every funeral should be tailored around individual desires and needs, whether cultural, spiritual or personal. Here is some information to help you pre-plan the funeral service that is right for you.



A burial will involve either purchasing a new plot or being buried in an existing family plot. New Zealand law requires that all burial is in official designated cemeteries or urapa. We can help you with purchasing plots if required.


A cremation offers further options for a final resting place as ashes can be scattered, buried, kept or divided amongst family members. If cremation is a choice you would like to make, please give some thought as to what you would like done with your ashes as it is often difficult for the family to make this decision after the cremation. 




Full care

Natural care

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You choose it, we organize it.

The choice is up to the individual. If you are not a member of a church, you may like to have a service at an independent chapel, sports club, outdoor location, at home, at the cemetery (graveside) or crematorium chapel. Many families like to have a cuppa before departing for the cemetery or crematorium, so check first if a reception lounge is available at the chosen venue.




Clergy or Celebrants often lead funeral services. Family members or good friends might also be the service's MC if they feel comfortable doing so. We can provide suitable celebrant for families if required.


Everyone has a story to tell

let us tell yours

photo presentation

Printing your story

Professional recording



Flowers have a powerful meaning in our lives and have been used by us since ancient Egypt. When someone passed away it is common to offer to the deceased's family flowers or a plant as a gift, sending a message of friendship and affection, showing your support during the grieving process.

family notice

Inserting a death notice in the newspaper is a good way to inform friends and family about someone's death. We can help your family to organise a notice in any New Zealand newspaper in a physical or digital format.